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1975 BMW R-Series

Sale Price: $ US 15,000.00 

Last update: 26.11.2021

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Motorcycle Location: Odessa, Florida, United States

Technical specifications, photos and description:

:“Perfect Condition 10/10. Full Top-Down Museum Quality Restoration Done for Private Collection in 2015.”Year:1975VIN (Vehicle Identification Number):4961533Mileage:32514Engine Size (cc):898Exterior Color:OrangeType:StandardModel:R-SeriesFor Sale By:DealerMake:BMWWarranty:Vehicle does NOT have an existing warrantyVehicle Title:ClearSub Model (Optional):R 90

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1975 BMW R-Series for sale
1975 BMW R-Series
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1975 BMW R-Series for Sale

This item was found on eBay.com at 26.11.2021
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This 1975 BMW R 90 S vintage classic motorcycle in Daytona Orange is available for sale at Euro Cycles of Tampa Bay Florida. 8509 Gunn Hwy,Odessa, FL 33556. ph: [hidden information]PRIVATE COLLECTION SALEFULL TOP-DOWN MUSEUM QUALITY RESOTRATION. OVERVIEW:The BMW R 90 S is one of the most powerful machine designed by the German engineers up to date. It sports an air-cooled, 898cc, two cylinder boxer engine mated to a five-speed manual transmission that can produce a claimed 67 horsepower and 76 Nm of torque.Also, it comes with features such as a dual seat, a pillion grab rail, a nose-fairing with a windscreen, a dual exhaust system, an analogue instrumentation panel, laced wheels, a telescopic hydraulic front fork, dual adjustable shocks in the rear, dual front disc brakes and a rear drum brake.Thanks for looking Buyers please note:Item must be paid for within 48 hours of auction ending.We strive to respond to emails or questions within 24-48 hours.Euro Cycles of Tampa Bay·         Store hours are Tuesday - Friday 9am-6pm and Saturday 8am-5pm, we are CLOSED SUNDAY AND MONDAY·         Located just outside of Tampa, Florida in Odessa, about 10 minutes from Tampa International Airport, let us know if we need to pick you up. ·         Any questions, just send us a message anytime or give us a call during business hours and ask for the Sales Department and let them know you saw this on eBay.Buyer is responsible for Any Duties, Taxes, Import Fees, VAT, and other fees associated with importing goods into your countryShipping & Returns: We ship USPS for smaller, lightweight items - UPS for larger, heavyweight items. Any paid in full purchase made Tues-Sat. before 11:45am EST will ship out same day. Any paid in full purchase made Tues-Fri. after 11:45AM EST will Ship next day. Any paid in full purchase made after 11:45AM EST on Sat-Mon will ship first thing Tuesday morning. Sorry, we do not accept returns. EC Item # U[hidden information]

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