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2013 Can-Am SpyderSTS SE5 Automatic

Sale Price: $ US 12,900.00 

Last update: 25.07.2021

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Motorcycle Location: Boca Raton, Florida, United States

For sale by: Dealer

Technical specifications, photos and description:

Model:SpyderSTS SE5 Automatic
Engine Size (cc):998
Exterior Color:Yellow
Vehicle Title:Clear
Warranty:Vehicle does NOT have an existing warranty
:“Runs and looks perfect, check the video”
Item status:In archive
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2013 Can-Am SpyderSTS SE5 Automatic for sale
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2013 Can-Am SpyderSTS SE5 Automatic for Sale

This item was found on eBay.ca at 25.07.2021
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Reverse, Powers Steering, Electric shift, floor boards, heated grips, ABS, Audio, Power adjustable vented windshield, cruise control.Bike is in Excellent condition, Runs and looks perfect. Ready to Go.
FINANCING available. LEASING  available.  Minimum down payment. Bed credit Ok.  Hurry up. WE FINANCE 36, 48, 60 months. FILLE OUT APPLICATION ON OUR WEBSITE  HIGH APPROVAL RATE,  FAST APPROVAL SHIPPING ALL AROUND USA AND OUT OF COUNTRYDOMESTIC SHIPPING  cost $200-500 depend on destination call to get a quote.We're selling bike NATIONWIDE, We Deliver motorcycles, EASY SHIPPING. Free Shipping assistance for all our customers. Shipping OUTSIDE of USA, Export documents and free assistance TRADE IN/ EXCHANGETrade in your bike we offer highest VALUE, will pick up your bike and deliver ours Boca Powersports licensed dealership,  owner operated Motorcycle and Powersports Dealership. For more info, visit our website .NO DEALER FEE! 100% POSITIVE FEEDBACK, over 10 years reliable owner's operated business.http://www.bocapowersports.com (copy and paste link)check out our similar models in stock: 2010 Honda Gold Wing, 2012 Honda GoldWing GL 1800, 2016 Kawasaki Concours1 ABS, 2016 Suzuki DRZ 400, 2012 BMW R-series R1200GS R 1200GS, 2014 Suzuki Burgman ABS, 2016 Harley-DavidsonIron 883 sportster 883, 2011 Harley-Davidson, 2016 Harley-Davidson FLHX, Harley-Davidson Street Glide, Ultra Glide, 2014 Harley-Davidson, Iron 883 sportster 883, 2010 Harley-Davidson Iron 883 sportster 883, 2016 Victory Cross country, Scooters Honda PCX150, Honda Gold Wing F6B deluxe, GL1800, 2009 Yamaha Royal Star, 2009 Kawasaki Voyager, 2010 Indian Scout, 2015 Indian Chieftain, Indian Vintage, 2018Harley-Road King, 2012 Suzuki Burman, 2012 Suzuki Hiubusa, 2013 Can AM, 2012 Can am Spyder, 2010 Casn Am Spyder RT, Honda Trike, Harley-Davidson Vrod, Triupmh RocketIII, Indin Roadmaster, 2018 Indian Scout, 2008 BMW R1200, BMW K Series, Honda CTX, Honda CTX1300, Honda F6b,  Harley-Davidson Softail.

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