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2022 Honda Ruckus

Sale Price: $ US 2,799.00 

Last update: 24.08.2021

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Motorcycle Location: Winchester, Virginia, United States

For sale by: Dealer

Technical specifications, photos and description:

Engine Size (cc):49
Vehicle Title:Clear
Item status:In archive
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2022 Honda Ruckus for sale
2022 Honda Ruckus
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This item was found on at 24.08.2021 Contact to the Seller

Chris Dooley

[hidden information]

2098 Berryville Pike

Winchester Virginia 22603

2022 Honda Ruckus

Vehicle Information






Engine Type: Single-cylinder four-stroke
Displacement: 49cc
Bore and Stroke: 37.8mm x 44mm
Cooling: Liquid
Compression Ratio: 11.9:1
Fuel System: 18mm CV carburetor with automatic choke
Ignition: CD
Transmission: Automatic V-Matic belt drive
Front Suspension: Twin-downtube fork; 1.9 in. of travel
Front Brakes: Drum
Front Tire: 120/90-10
Rear Suspension: Single shock; 2.6 in. of travel
Rear Brakes: Drum
Rear Tire: 130/90-10
Dry Weight: Curb Weight: 194 lb.
Seat Height: 28.9 in.
Wheelbase: 49.8 in.
Fuel Capacity: 1.3 gal.
Colors: Midnight Blue/Tan, Gray, White/Pearl Blue


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Options and Standard Features

Basic Information

Year: 2022

Make: Honda

Model: Ruckus

Stock Number: WH[hidden information]

VIN: JH2AF5815NK[hidden information]

Condition: New

Type: Standard

Title: Clear



Bore (in): 1.49

Bore (mm): 37.8

Carburetor Size (mm): 18

Carburetion Type: Carburetor


Compression Ratio: 11.9:1

Cooling System: Liquid

Cylinders: 1

Engine Size (cc): 49

Engine Size (ci): 3

Engine Stroke: 4-Stroke

Engine Type: Single-Cylinder

Fuel Capacity (gal): 1.3

Fuel Requirements: Regular

Number Of Carburetors: 1

Starter: Electric / Kick

Stroke (in): 1.73

Stroke (mm): 44

US Miles Per Gallon (Combined): 114

Valve Configuration: SOHC

Valves: 2

Valves Per Cylinder: 2


Primary Drive (Rear Wheel): Belt

Transmission: Continuously Variable (CVT)

Primary Drive (Engine / Transmission): Belt

Chassis & Suspension

Frame: Aluminum / Steel

Front Suspension Type: Telescopic Fork

Front Travel (in): 1.9

Front Travel (mm): 49

Number Rear Shock Absorbers: 1

Rear Suspension Material: Aluminum

Rear Suspension Type: Single Sided Swing Arm

Rear Travel (in): 2.6

Rear Travel (mm): 65


Front Brake: Drum

Front Brake Diameter (in): 3.7

Front Brake Diameter (mm): 95

Rear Brake: Drum

Rear Brake Diameter (in): 3.7

Rear Brake Diameter (mm): 95



Headlight Type: Halogen

Fuel Level Warning

Rearview Mirrors

Temperature Warning

Temperature Warning Type: Light


Trip Odometer


Body Material: Plastic

Front Tire (Full Spec): Kenda:120/90-10 57J

Front Tire (Inches): 10

Front Tire Aspect Ratio: 90

Front Tire Speed Rating: J

Front Tire Width: 120

Fuel Capacity (liters): 4

Ground Clearance (in): 5.7

Ground Clearance (mm): 144.8

Height (inches): 40

Height (mm): 1026.2

Length (inches): 73

Length (mm): 1859.3

Rear Tire (Full Spec): Kenda:130/90-10 61J

Rear Tire (Inches): 10

Rear Tire Aspect Ratio: 90

Rear Tire Speed Rating: J

Rear Tire Width: 130

Seat Height (inches): 28

Wet Weight (kg): 88

Wet Weight (lbs): 194

Wheelbase (in): 49.8

Wheelbase (mm): 1264.9

Wheels Composition: Steel

Width (inches): 28

Width (mm): 734.1


Other Information

Exterior Covers

Exterior Guards

Floor Boards

Front Fender

Hand Grips

Lockable Storage

Rear Fender

Rear Rack


Stand Type: Center

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Timbrook Honda of Winchester

2098 Berryville Pike

Winchester Virginia 22603
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Engine Type: Single-cylinder four-stroke Displacement: 49cc Bore and Stroke: 37.8mm x 44mm Cooling: Liquid Compression Ratio: 11.9:1 Fuel System: 18mm CV carburetor with automatic choke Ignition: CD Transmission: Automatic V-Matic belt drive Front Suspension: Twin-downtube fork; 1.9 in. of travel Front Brakes: Drum Front Tire: 120/90-10 Rear Suspension: Single shock; 2.6 in. of travel Rear Brakes: Drum Rear Tire: 130/90-10 Dry Weight: Curb Weight: 194 lb. Seat Height: 28.9 in. Wheelbase: 49.8 in. Fuel Capacity: 1.3 gal. Colors: Midnight Blue/Tan, Gray, White/Pearl Blue

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