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bimota sb6r 1500 miles

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Last update: 13.10.2021

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Motorcycle Location: hook, United Kingdom

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Independent Vehicle Inspection:Yes
Country/Region of Manufacture:Italy
Engine Size:1085
Start Type:Electric start
Type:Super Sport
Drive Type:Chain
Previous owners (excl. current):2
V5 Registration Document:Present
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bimota sb6r 1500 miles for sale
bimota sb6r 1500 miles
Current customer rating: Rating 3 1/5 based on 1 customer reviews
bimota sb6r 1500 miles for Sale

This item was found on eBay.co.uk at 13.10.2021
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Very low milage SB6R, if you don't know anything about Bimota you will probably not be looking, there have not been one of these for sale for a while, but like buses there is another for sale on ebay at the moment for 10k, which is advertised as 1 of 8 of these registered in the UK, I know of 2 others so really rare ! This is one of my bikes and has been in storage for 20 years,and has no Mot, has just had a new battery and fuel added and has been road tested, but clearly would need to given a check over as she's been laid up for a while. It has a couple of scratches on the left where it's fallen over,off the crap side stand and a couple on the right caused by moving it while in storage. Any inspection welcome / viewing is 7 miles south of Reading, Berkshire. If you want to know anything about this model Google it, don't ask me because I won't reply, If you do know anything about these bikes and want to know more about THIS one, feel free to ask.Cash on collection only

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