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BMW K100 CLASSIC Tourer not Bobber Cafe Racer soon mot exempt barn shed find

Sale Price: Contract price 

Last update: 27.03.2021

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Motorcycle Location: Portree, United Kingdom

Technical specifications, photos and description:

Vehicle Type:Tourer
Item status:In archive
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BMW K100 CLASSIC Tourer not Bobber Cafe Racer soon mot exempt barn shed find for sale
BMW K100 CLASSIC Tourer not Bobber Cafe Racer soon mot exempt barn shed find
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This item was found on at 27.03.2021 Contact to the Seller

 Mot'd when put in container a few years ago
Oil was changed with the correct BMW oil
It was running well... starting on the button and no smoke...the gear change was very good and precise  the only thing that I recall was that the back brake required attention but no parts required ...but please message me for details.
No attemp at cleaning the bike ...just took the covers off and moved back to take pics ....if the weather is better I may get the route to the container cleared for better pics.
These bikes are sought after as bobber or cafe racers where they can make good money but as this bike will be mot and tax exempt in a couple of years ...I think it looks very good as it will get noticed!
The only reason for sale is to free up some room in the container .... that container also houses a magazine featured VW "Bread Van" with a GTI engine this is at the very back and totally covered in covers etc.I hope to list this here soon when I get to it and can get to door...I may take px via ebay rules for both if you have something interesting listed on ebay a buy it now can be arranged ...message me.
Prefer cash on inspection and purchase can secure with a PayPal deposit and possibly full payment due to covid traveling restrictions.
Ps. I Have another K100 bobber cafe racer in another shed.
Can get to Inverness or FT William for free  ...given time. ..or for fuel ...but please message first. 

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