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BRIDGSTONE 175 Dual Twin, very original

Sale Price: $ AU 4,900.00 

Last update: 5.11.2020

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Motorcycle Location: Springwood, QLD, Australia

Technical specifications, photos and description:

Date of Manufacture:196900
Model:175 Dual Twin
For sale by:Dealer
Product Type:Classic, Collector Bikes
Item status:In archive
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BRIDGSTONE 175 Dual Twin, very original for sale
BRIDGSTONE 175 Dual Twin, very original
Current customer rating: Rating 3 1/5 based on 1 customer reviews

This item was found on eBay.com.au at 5.11.2020
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PRICE FIRM, sorry no offersHere we have a very original 1969 Bridgstone 175 Dual Twin, only 470m on the clockFrame # 16J16840   Engine # TA1-16994The bike starts well and runs well, no rattles or excessive smokePaintwork is OK, tank is good insideMost of the chrome is OK, except pitting on the panels on the tank and rear guard, would clean up a lot betterSeat is original and very good, mufflers are also original and have some minor surface rustAll the lights workImported from the USA with import approvalWe are open and trading and can offer door to door delivery, please ask for a quoteInspection welcome, call firstPh [hidden information], no text, email:  mcmuseum@gil.com.auwebsite: www.classicmotorcyclesales.com.auask about our door to door delivery

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