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paddock starters, race bike, classic bike and dirt bike roll starter

Sale Price: $ AU 990.00 

Last update: 28.04.2021

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Motorcycle Location: BRIAGOLONG, Australia

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For sale by:Dealer
Featured Refinements:Dirt Bike
Type:Racing (Not Road Legal)
Product Type:Road Bikes
Item status:In archive
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paddock starters, race bike, classic bike and dirt bike roll starter for sale
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paddock starters, race bike, classic bike and dirt bike roll starter for Sale

This item was found on eBay.com.au at 28.04.2021
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Paddock starters are ideal for that hard to start race bike / classic bike / dirt bike
Easy to use and with our improved design they will even start moto cross and enduro bikes

12 volt battery operated Foot switch for one person operationRear castor wheels allow the starter to be wheeled anywhere2 chain driven tapered rubber rollers Suitable for road and off road tyres
2.2kw High Torque starter suitable for small to medium bikes $990 plus postage (red, blue, black or silver powder coat)

For larger bikes
2.5kw High Performance starter $1,190 plus postage (Black, White, blue, red or silver powder coat) 
can be posted anywherebattery not includedFor more info or to orderbikestarters.com0472 [hidden information]

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