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Suzuki ap50 1976 mint

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Last update: 30.01.2022

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Motorcycle Location: Wickford, Runwell, United Kingdom

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Seller notes:“Mint red ( faster one)”
Item status:In archive
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Suzuki ap50 1976 mint for sale
Suzuki ap50 1976 mint
Current customer rating: Rating 2 1/5 based on 1 customer reviews

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Mint red ( faster one) Suzuki ap50  fully restored DVLA HISTORY FILE 1976  All details of previous ownership it has undergone a fully extensive nut and bolt restoration by James Lodge of Earnshaws motorcycles in Huddersfield about 10 years ago it has been kept in a heated garage ever since the engine was stripped and checked a new old stock head was sourced and fitted genuine new old stock piston rings were fitted the wheels were rebuilt with genuine New old stock new rooms in spokes the paint work was carried out to a very high standard the framers powder coated genuine new old stock front and rear mudguards fitted genuine new old stock seat was fitted a new exhaust fitted genuine new old stock wiring loom is fitted all nuts And bolts re-plated new old stock tool kit genuine Stanley headlight genuine Stanley real taillight genuine new old stock Speedo .This has to be one of the best available  £250 TO BE PAID AFTER AUCTION OR WILL BE RELISTEDBALANCE TO BE PAID CASH OR TRANSFER TO BANK NO PAYPAL 

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