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Victory, VEGAS PREMIUM 2008

Sale Price: $ AU 13,500.00 

Last update: 26.05.2021

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Motorcycle Location: Brunswick West , Australia

Technical specifications, photos and description:

For sale by:Private seller
Product Type:Road Bikes
:“Beautiful Bike, LOADED with options. No issues.Always garaged, serviced and well maintained.Located in Brunswick west, VICTORIA.LOW KMS, Comes with RWC. REGISTERED TILL AUGUST.ONE OWNER BIKE when I bought it.It comes with GPS, HEATED HAND GRIPS, ALARM, SADDLE BAGS, factory digital computer speeedo.All modifications are ORIGINAL FACTORY CUSTOM making this bike a collector’s item.This bike has the FACTORY CUSTOM PIPES, an expensive option giving it a beautiful note! It also comes with the original exhaust pipes which haven’t been used. This is very helpful if you find you have roadworthy issues down the track.It also comes with a lot of victory custom chrome, including handgrips, foot pegs, ETC.Comes with victory gloves.”
Item status:In archive
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Victory, VEGAS PREMIUM 2008 for sale
Victory, VEGAS PREMIUM 2008
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Victory, VEGAS PREMIUM 2008 for Sale

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Beautiful Bike, LOADED with options.  No issues.Always garaged, serviced and well maintained.Located in Brunswick west, VICTORIA.
ONE OWNER BIKE when I bought it.It comes with GPS, HEATED HAND GRIPS, ALARM, SADDLE BAGS, factory digital computer speeedo.
All modifications are ORIGINAL FACTORY CUSTOM making this bike a collector’s item.
This bike has the FACTORY CUSTOM PIPES, an expensive option giving it a beautiful note! It also comes with the original exhaust pipes which haven’t been used. This is very helpful if you find you have roadworthy issues down the track.It also comes with a lot of victory custom chrome, including handgrips, foot pegs, ETC.
Comes with victory gloves.

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