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Yamaha DT250B UK Bike - Videos - Historic Vehicle

Sale Price: Contract price 

Last update: 15.01.2022

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Motorcycle Location: LONDON, United Kingdom

Technical specifications, photos and description:

Seller notes:“Good original condition. Various spares included”
Gears:Five-speed manual
Capacity (cc):250
V5 Registration Document:Present
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Yamaha DT250B UK Bike - Videos - Historic Vehicle for sale
Yamaha DT250B UK Bike - Videos - Historic Vehicle
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Yamaha DT250B UK Bike - Videos - Historic Vehicle for Sale

This item was found on eBay.co.uk at 15.01.2022
Contact to the Seller

This is my 1976 Yamaha DT250B. An original UK bike, not imported from the USA. A rare survivor. Registered in my name at my address.I bought this as a non runner in 2018. It was bought new from Mayle and sons in Bletchley in 1977 and then laid up after a little more than 4000 miles. Then the owner took the lights off, rode it around a neighbour's field a few times and put it away. It was never taxed after the first 12 months tax expired in 1978.The original reg number was still on the DVLA system so that is what it now has.The restoration included:Engine rebuild. New crank seals new bearings new inlet manifold. New Ignition and 12v charging system from Rexs Speedshop. New battery.Replacement s/h exhaust to replace the original which has rust holes in the front downpipe part but it MIGHT be save-able? Its included anyway.Hagon shocks, originals included.Rebuilt ignition lock but the new key does not fit the seat or fuel cap. The fuel cap is not locked.New enduro style flexy rear light and plate. Original included, just a little damage from when it fell off on the test ride!Various spares and pretty much every bit I removed I have kept unless it was total scrap.New Heidenau K60 Scout tyres.New pattern headlight. The original never did turn up.New damper rubbers around the instruments.New cables, new brake light switch.New chain and sprockets.Oil pump rebuilt by "Deet" in Raleigh, North Carolina.I took the bike to Aragon in Spain in October 2021 where it was ridden about 360 miles on superb off road trails. If you want to do that too check out www.austinvince.com It was totally reliable and always easy to start.Its surprisingly torquey and flexible due to the Yamaha Reed valve inlet. I could bop around rocky mountain hairpins in 2nd gear at little more than tickover. When it gets up to about 5000 rpm it really starts to make power.The brakes are surprisingly good.Its a basic 1970s two stroke trail bike, there is not even a neutral light. But it is fun, pretty and very cool. Low seat height and easy to ride.Check out these videos for more detail:
A walk around of the bike with more details:https://youtu.be/rd-nmuBaGhA
A start and run:https://youtu.be/scobjKBIGWI
Another video from a year or two ago when I had just finished it, front mudguard not yet fitted.https://youtu.be/9jPMqZbf8vE
Please dont send messages "'ow much fer cash mate?" or "will you swap it for my horrible old bike/van/car/wardrobe/granny"
If you want it, bid on it. I will not end the auction early.
The bike is in Herne Hill in South London. Its in the ULEZ zone but not the Congestion Charge zone. I will help you load it and will deal with a courier if you send one. Or you could ride it away but you would need a chunky rucksack to carry the spares. Bank transfer in advance or cash on collection. Happy to sell to EU buyers but bear in mind you may have to pay an import tax thanks to the gift of Brexit. Dont blame me ...

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