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Yamaha Fz6 S2 2005 Black £800+ Extras 10 Months MOT

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Last update: 13.10.2021

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Motorcycle Location: Caernarfon, United Kingdom

Technical specifications, photos and description:

Model:FZ6 S2
V5 Registration Document:Present
Street Name:Fazer
Modified Item:No
Vehicle Type:Sports Touring
MOT Expiration Date:11 08 2022
Start Type:Electric start
Additional Information:Metallic Paint
Gears:Six-speed manual
Engine Size:600
Capacity (cc):525 to 674 cc
Extra Features:Seat cover/Solo seat
Drive Type:Chain
Type:Sports Touring
Previous owners (excl. current):1
Metallic Paint:Yes
Number of Manual Gears:Six-speed
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Yamaha Fz6 S2 2005 Black £800+ Extras 10 Months MOT for sale
Yamaha Fz6 S2 2005 Black £800+ Extras 10 Months MOT
Current customer rating: Rating 3 1/5 based on 1 customer reviews
Yamaha Fz6 S2 2005 Black £800+ Extras 10 Months MOT for Sale

This item was found on eBay.co.uk at 13.10.2021
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Up for sale is my Yamaha Fz6 n S2.
2005 model.
 11,442 miles in the clock, will rise if we get a dry weekend.
 Never been out in the rain and always dry stored in a garage. Bike is in really good condition, first to see will buy.
 Well maintained and looked after bike

Serviced 1500 miles ago.
Over £800 of extras:
Mivv Exhaust (£480) Givi Top Box (£200)R&G crash bungs (£65)R&G Fender Extender (£30) DRL + Wiring Loom (£30) 
Set of Michelin Road 5 tyres on the bike 1500 miles ago.
The bike currentley has a private number plate which i will put on retention as soon as I get intetest in my bike.
MOT until 11th August 2022.
The bike has never failed an MOT in its life and no advisories from previous MOT.
Genuine reason for selling as I have my eyes on another bike.
Cash/bank transfer on collection.
Collection only from Caernarfon, North Wales. 

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